Monday, October 10, 2005

power of attorney!

Today was exciting. I got a call from CCAI saying that since we were 2 months from referral, we should get our Power of Attorney forms notarized, certified and authenticated and get started gathering the extra paperwork I have to bring to China, since Paul won't be traveling with me. It was so exciting to hear..."you're 2 months from referral." Ahhhhh!!!

In other news I helped serve pizza for the preschool today which was fun. It was cute to see Ted at school. At one point I was dropping something off and he was sobbing. I quietly ducked back out and when I came in a few minutes later he was fine. Turns out he had his feelings hurt about something. It was a very sensative day today! Sam had a blast in Ted's classroom while I worked in the kitchen. I hope this week trip doesn't send him over the edge!

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