Sunday, October 16, 2005

on the way home

Tonight, Sunday night, we are at our hotel in Lincoln, NE, halfway home. We left last Wednesday for Iowa. On the way, we always pass an OLE'S sign, so I tried to get a pic of it...not bad but it's a bit blurry.
The trip was very easy, with the boys behaving well in the car. We had some meltdowns once there, mostly when neither boy would nap, eat or go to bed...all in the same day. But all in all, everything went well. The wedding was very nice and it was so wonderful to see all the family again. We'll all get together over the 4th for Brian & Nancy's 50th bday party (although Nancy will only be 49 and a HALF at the time!). A canoe trip is planned, so I think Paul will take Ted and Sam, Mae and I will spend some time with my folks then. Our summer vacation will be a week shorter this year, since Paul will be taking 2 full weeks when I'm in China. Well worth it! I'll sign off now...g'nite from Nebraska!

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