Thursday, October 27, 2005


Traditional Child Referral Updates
Upon further verification with the CCAA we have learned that they are busy completing the remainder of March LID familes. All of our March LID families were matched earlier this month. CCAA may or may not match any April 2005 LID families at this time. We will update this site as soon as more information becomes available.

This is the message all of us May LIDs woke up to today. Supposedly, the April LIDs were to be matched next week. Now it's possible they will have to wait another month which pushes us back another month. It's too depressing.

In other news, Sam threw a Level 4 temper tantrum today when I tried to put him in a pull up before going to music class. So, I put his Thomas underpants back on, packed 3 changes of clothes, and braved the world! He did great. I'm sure I overdid it, but I made sure he peed when we got somewhere and when we left. We had music with Madyln and then off to Big Daddy's Bagels for lunch (Sam is 26 months old and I JUST figured out that he will eat an egg and cheese bagel....duh! I've always avoided bagel stores because he doesn't like cream cheese. Well, he ate 3/4ths of the bagel and I got the leftovers!) Then to Nick & Willy's to order and pick up their Take 'N Bake pizza for tomorrow night's dinner with the Velicks. All in all, a busy morning with lots of stops. I'm so proud of him. I can't take any credit for it; it's all his doing and his determination, but wow! Sure makes him look grown up!!!

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