Monday, October 31, 2005

one check mark!

Phew! The nursery is finished! It's not at all what I had planned on, much simpler, but I just got too overwhelmed with the original grand scheme and am honestly quite content now. It's painted a pretty shade of pink and there are soft pink touches around the room and in the crib. I love it! It is very peaceful in there! A MAJOR thing to check off my long list of essential to-dos. Hooray!

Tonight was Halloween. Ted did a good job...we just went to people's houses we knew in the neighborhood. A good deal of walking for about 8 houses. He got to eat 3 pieces tonight (because I'm three my old, he says in Ted-speak) and he gave Sam 2, since he's 2. I think we can repeat that tomorrow and we'll be about out! That's good news for me...then I won't eat it!

My new phone came today too. It was fun to just plug in my old SIM card and have it know just who I am and everyone in my phonebook just appeared. Only the images didn't transfer. My old phone was locking up on me and rather than replace it they just issued me the next model up.

Tomorrow, I drop off the 85 (!!!!) quilt squares to the quilt lady! Thank you to everyone who's is going to be so special and important to us all!

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