Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Iris! Hence, away!

That is a title of a really good aria. Handel, I believe...need to learn it. Anyway, I found myself singing that line over and over while gleefully crossing out items on my To-Do List. Besides the nursery being finished, I also certified the Power of Attorney forms (and the SoS office had MOVED! of all the nerve...luckily it was only a few blocks away with a Starbucks convienently located in the same building!) I FedEx'd it to my saintly mother who will authenticate it at the Chicago Chinese Consulate and then that will be finished too! There is no rush on this, sadly, as we don't expect our referral until January, or, even worse, February if we miss the cut-off. *sigh* At least things are falling into place now, which is nice. I dropped off the squares today and we talked about allowing the squares to be their own size (some of the fabrics have designs that would have to be cut off in a 7x7 square, not to mention Epin & Scott's 'ellipse'-shaped fabric!) This way, it will look a little wackier, but allow for each fabric to stand on its own. I think it will be wonderful. It will be ready by Thanksgiving...can't wait! How neat. Thank you again to everyone who participated....we're so grateful! Here's a pic of the nursery...hard to really tell in a pic but it's a very soft look....we love it!

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