Friday, November 25, 2005

sick boy

Sadly, Sam has come down with a fever...and aches I think, judging by how he cries for no reason and can only be comforted when he's being held. It's 1:30pm and he's on his 2nd nap. Poor little guy.

Ted had a nice trip to the park with Daddy and is having a 'rest' now. On no-nap days. we get in a great half hour or so of violin practice, so I'm hoping he doesn't sleep today since he did yesterday. He is doing great with his bow holds and his "bow-like" rhythms. Tonight we're going out to eat with the Krams' to celebrate Eliot's 'real' 2nd birthday. I think Sam will stay home and go to bed early. It's a quiet Friday...and how wonderful that we have two more days to enjoy together!

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