Monday, December 26, 2005

2nd Night

Tonight we went to the official Menorah Lighting on Pearl Street. The Boulder Jewish Day School was performing...lots of Hanukkah songs in Hebrew. Very cute. Then the Lubavitch rabbi, Reb Scheiner, spoke before the lighting. The boys seemed to enjoy it, although only one other family from preschool was there (?!) so it wasn't as fun for them as it could have been if the whole school had turned up! Then we came home and lit our menorah and opened more presents-one from us and one from my parents. After dinner Ted and I played another rousing game of dreidel-I swear his is weighted...he landed on Gimel almost every time and I kept landing on Nun! No fair!! We spent the morning at the park...still enoying this beautiful weather.

It is pretty special to see Ted's excitement about lighting the menorah. He even said the first blessing with me (since it's almost the same as the Shabbat one, he knows it) and was so proud to light his own. Very cool. Sam could care less and refused to be torn away from his beloved LeapPad! Tomorrow night the Krams family will join us for dinner. We will do presents and, if Ted has any say in it, more dreidel!

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