Monday, December 26, 2005

going native

Last night I ordered from the "Shanghai Menu" section...something I've vowed to do whenever possible (i.e. order 'real' Chinese food, not the Americanized version.) Because my favorite sushi is Eel, I decided to try the White Pepper Sesame Eel. It was delicious, although it did look (and smell) like "Klingon Food," according to Paul! Eel is not kosher, and it's actually one of the more dangerous fish to eat, but hey! I was happy that I tried something scary and enjoyed it. At least I know I can order eel in China and it will probably taste good. It really was good...just different. I also ordered Red Bean Paste Crepes, which are a dessert I'd heard was a huge staple in China...they were also quite good, but different. Sweet, but in a more savory way than the sugary sweets in America. Good though-I will order these in China for sure and serve them at any events where we serve Chinese food. Yum!

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