Saturday, December 31, 2005

Farewell 2005!

New Year's Eve and our boys were asleep by 7:30pm. We lead such exciting lives. While making copies of our "The Best of 2005" video, we've had time to laugh and reminisce about the last year. Sam's growth has been amazing, as is usual from age 1-2. At the start of the tape he is just taking a few steps between us. Now he runs around like a maniac, is potty trained and will start preschool on Monday. What a change! Ted looks older, of course, but his voice also lowered considerably and he got taller and leaner. His diction improved dramatically, and he started going over to friends' houses to play-sans Mama. While he is tougher now than ever before, thanks to his version of cause and effect (if you put me in time out, I will get up...if you put me in my room I will come out...etc etc) he is also so helpful I can hardly believe it. He fetches diapers, cleans up his toys and helps Sam do things like open his juice box or do a puzzle. He will be a terrific big brother to Mae, and hopefully will teach Sam how to do the same. 2005 has been a difficult year, full of frustrations and slowdowns, yet also full of anticipation and excitement. 2006 will see our family become complete. Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

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