Tuesday, December 13, 2005

good times

Well the boys had fun today. I taught make up lessons and they went to the farm...the first time it's been nice out all semester! Ted was so good at his violin lesson today...maybe being tired is good for him! She laid out about 10 pennies (not that he knows what money is yet, but...) and he got them ALL! Good listening, Ted! For those of you who don't understand why he doesn't have the real violin yet, it will appear in early January. Next week is our last lesson of the year, then there are three (!) weeks off. January 10 she will check him out, make sure all is well, and we'll bring the tiny violin to the next lesson. Phew! It will be challenging to keep him excited for three weeks without a lesson, but Miss Vari had some fun ideas and mentioned that there are Suzuki message boards out there, so I may look into those. Other people often have fun new ideas. Anyway, that's the news. I'm glad we had that concert last week; it really excited him and helped him see what he was aiming for, I think.

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