Wednesday, December 14, 2005

cuddle quilt

The cuddle quilt was ready today. It is so cute. This, unlike the huge twin size, is small enough for her to carry around. The squares are, in order:
Mel, Steinbergs, my mom, Jay
Erin H, Danna, Bart, Rosa
Mindy, Ted, Tara, Haley
Jay, my mom, Sam, Mel

We repeated the squares from the grandparents and used squares from our most direct, like-family, friends. The large quilt is so wonderful because it shows how many people are invested in this adventure...people from my adoption boards, friends from the past, good friends now, and family. And now we have a little, core group of people, sampling. So fun! I am now thinking about having small throw pillows made for each boy, with the same backing fabric and highlighting the fabric they chose, plus some from the large group. Hmmm...this is addictive!

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