Thursday, December 15, 2005

last day of work

Today we heard voice juries from 10am-2pm. Of course, one of my students arbitrarily didn't show up and I can't contact her...hmmm. I should probably be concerned but I'm just annoyed at this point. This means lots of paperwork for me if I want to save her grade, which I do...she was a great student, but geesh! In the confusion of her absence, I managed to turn in my grades without signing them. So, gotta go back and do that. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can 'do the Friday thing' with the boys. PALs with Sam, lunch out with the other moms and then Shabbat Sing at the preschool with both boys. I've only been able to go twice this whole semester, so I'm looking forward to it. Although Sam is starting Caterpillars in January, he will only go Mon/Wed-we will still do PALs in the Spring semester so he can stay with his buddies. Hooray! Bring on the holidays!

I am officially 'on maternity leave.' Woo hoo!

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