Monday, January 2, 2006

he's a big boy now

Today was the big day. Sam was one of three new Caterpillars at preschool and, according to his teachers and the director (who checked on him for me) he had a great day. No potty accidents, he ate his lunch, apparently he was running around the playgroup yelling "Let's go! Let's go!" so he had fun there too! He sobbed his little heart out when we left, but one of his teachers picked him up and redirected him to some playdoh and all was well! We are so lucky; his PALs teacher will be one of his three teachers! So, that made it extra nice, since she knows him and he knows her. What a big boy!! (You can't tell in the pic, but he is wearing his backpack. He has refused to wear it from the day he laid eyes on it, but today he wore it, and carried his lunchbox. I'll have to get a better pic on Wednesday-he looks so little lugging all that around!)

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