Saturday, January 21, 2006

watch out world, I'm getting fancy!

Check the sidebar on the left and notice my new, fancy-shmancy "Time in China" section. Woo hoo! Thanks to Shayna's mom for giving me the idea! I have a "Time in China" homepage bookmarked, and particularily when a "cyber-friend" is in China, I check it constantly. It always helps to know when the updates will be done, and realizing that it's 4am in China or something makes waiting for a daily update bearable. So, hooray for clocks! China is 15 hours ahead of us right now. Yawn! This is actually pretty nice...right when we are winding down and getting ready for a few hours of "evening", people in China are about an hour or so into their activities for the day. It makes communication by phone or "email chat" pretty easy to do, when both parties are awake enough to enjoy it!
Soooo many hopes and expectations that referrals will be mailed Monday and received, translated and calls given by the end of next week. We won't be in this batch I'm sure (about a 10% chance that we would be...) but since this is the LAST batch before ours, it is that much more exciting.
In standard Colorado news, we all ate at Red Robin for an early dinner and both boys (*gasp*) actually ATE their meals, sat in their seats and didn't pitch a fit! Yes, you heard right, BOTH boys behaved. How lovely! Ted broke the crib tent 2 nights ago so last night Sam slept in his bed all night. That was great, but we were at a party til late so it's not really indicative of the future. We put them to bed by 7pm tonight, to give them a few hours to get their giggles out. No one is crying yet...after having tried this for WEEKS AND WEEKS back in September, we so hope it will go a little smoother this time!!

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