Thursday, February 23, 2006

baby shoe envy

Another adoptive blogger mom, Gwen's mom, (whose site is now password-protected, and yes, I begged to be allowed in and it is my FAVORITE site to visit every night) recently bought Gwen her first pair of Stride Rites. Both my boys had Stride Rites for their first few pairs of walking shoes, switching to the cheapo Target brand superhero sneakers once preschool ruined all articles of clothing forever. Similar to the bathing suit realization, I am very excited about the SHOE aspect of a little girl! Boys don't care about their shoes at all. I love shoes, although I'm really good at not going crazy. Here are the two pairs I am currently in love with. The "Addie" style (upper left) is what Gwen is sporting. I also like the "Priscilla" on the right. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

How about one of each?......Mom

Anonymous said...

Go Addie or go home!!!!!!! Seriously, that one has that cute molded toe-Priscilla looks like a bit of a square nosed nerd to me. LOL! You knew I wouldn't be able to resist commenting on the shoes!..........Erin H.

Ellen said...

Ha!! You left a comment! Note to self: include shoe questions in posts...Addie it is!