Thursday, February 23, 2006

inside the CCAA

Here are two pics of the matching room at CCAA. Look at those shelves of dossiers! The woman in the striped shirt works in the Matching Room and looks very nice...hope she enjoys her job. Can you imagine how interesting it must be to be the person responsible for matching a child with her/his family? I mean, I know that any child that I will be referred will be adored at once (I'm not into the 'this is the one child for me' idea) but must be a little like playing God. They say that they truly try to match children with parents who somehow look similar in some way, or who share similar interests...which must be tough since they are babies! Anyway, that is what the inside of the Matching Room looks like. In the Review Room (where they check for any problems with the dossier) you can see the "mug shots" (i.e. Passport Pics) on the screen...that is all the Matching Room workers see as they match babies to parents...yikes!!!

The photo descriptions and photos are courtesy of Amy Eldridge. This is a photo of what a child's "info sheet" looks like. It has their photos and then a general description and what their likes and dislikes are. The woman matched this child to a family for me while I was there. She told me that they pull up the passport photos of the parents, and that has their name, their jobs, and the parents likes and dislikes. This particular child liked music and I believe one of the parents taught music (it had something to do with music). So she thought they were a "match". She will pull up a parents file and then she has 4-5 babies in a stack and she will hold up the sheet with the baby and see if something "jumps out at her" as a match. She said sometimes it is appearance, sometimes it is a hobby.....sometimes it just "feels right". Check out the page with more pics!!

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Anonymous said...

This was really fascinating! I certainly hope that our little Mae will like music, considering the family she is getting!
..... Mom