Wednesday, February 22, 2006

in preparation...

At the end of our stay in China, we will be at the White Swan Hotel. There is an outdoor and an indoor pool. I love taking my boys swimming so I'm sure we will at least attempt a little dip while there. I have spent 4+ years of my life on the "boy side" of the store. It was really fun today to "cross over" and browse all the cute new girly swimsuits! This is a 6-12 months size...hope it's not too big for her!!
I had an interesting dream last night. In the dream, Mae's name had to be changed because her Chinese name was Xiao Mei (Xiao (pronounced 'sha-ow') is a girl in Ted's violin group, so I think that's why her name came up. Soon, soon, soon we will know. I hope we can keep Mae as her first name, but it would be interesting if it's 'already there'!! (Mei mei means little sister, so that will probably end up being her nickname anyway. Usually the Chinese use the 2nd name and repeat it as a nickname. This little girl in Ted's class is called Xiao Xiao.) The newest rumors say that CCAA will mail referrals Friday. I don't think they will mail them til next Tuesday (based on my predictions) but I'd love to be wrong!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ellen, you are getting so close -- Can't wait to see your news posted on your blog --

Shoshi's mom

TimandKim said...

Adorable suit- I will warn you though, every brand of swimsuit I've bought for little girls runs small. I always have to buy a size up. Same for pj's. I have to buy a size up. Where did you get the suit? It is too cute!