Tuesday, February 21, 2006

timeline predictions

I posted this on my board tonight:

The boards are all slow tonight and my boys went to bed early. So, I
decided to read through my blog tonight. I came across the milestones
I noted last month and thought I'd share them, since they might help
us predict when the referrals will come:

Jan. 18 - "CCAA is matching" appears on CCAI website
Jan. 23 - CCAA site says referrals through May 14
Jan. 26 - CCAI verifying & translating referrals
Jan. 27 - CCAI calls families

Sooooo....here is my prediction, based on the same days:

Feb. 21 - "CCAA is matching" appears on CCAI website (Tuesday)
Feb. 27 - CCAA site will update with cutoff date (next Monday)
March 2 - CCAI will verify & translate referrals (Thursday)
March 3 - CCAI will call families (Friday)

Sound good? C'mon....let the trend continue!!!

Let's hope!! A referral by Ted's birthday would be so cool!

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Anonymous said...

We hope you are right in your projections! It will be very, very soon!
Mom & Dad