Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Day 2 as a single mom

Here is Biker Boy. We drove to a flat paved trail this afternoon (since Sam wouldn't nap....grr...) and the boys had a good time biking, and Ole had fun running! We ran this morning while the boys were in preschool so he's had a great day! Ted can really go fast on this bike! Pretty cool. Sam spent the time learning how to steer. Pedaling comes next...

Otherwise, the morning went smoothly (5:45-Sam, 6:30-Ted). They had preschool today and it was a glorious 67 degrees out, so Ole and I enjoyed our trail run. I took the 3/4 violin in to be restrung and discovered that the pegs are in poor shape and need to be replaced. I'm just glad it's not my fault that the D string keeps breaking on me and the G string won't stay in tune! It will be ready tomorrow afternoon. Both boys had good days at school, although Sam's teacher informed me that 'the honeymoon is over' and that he is starting to act up. Let the fun begin! He refused to nap, which was frustrating, but the trail ride exhausted them both and for only the 2nd time in their lives, BOTH of them fell asleep in the car on the ride home. 4:30 and napping...NOT a good combo! I got them home, fed and bathed and spent the next hour wrangling them into sleep mode. I think they both were asleep by 7ish. Danna came over and we ordered Vietnamese food from our favorite restaurant and chatted by the fire. I updated the webpage too! So far, so good on the 'do it all' thing, although I am certainly glad I'm not working out of the home as well. It's pretty exhausting stuff. Paul leaves Jersey tomorrow for NY to be with Nancy! Fun fun fun!

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