Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Wow, nothing like being a single mom to keep me on task all day long!! We dropped Paul off (abandoned him really...what a mess the bus area was!) at the airport bus stop at 8ish, then went to Target to buy a humidifier for Sam's room (hoping the 'white noise' will help him sleep later than 4:30am...) Then we came home and Erin & baby Henry came over to watch Sam while I took Ted to violin. Got back at noon and had a message from Tara asking if we wanted to meet them at Abo's for a pizza lunch (I can't actually ever recall me saying no to pizza...). Got home and put the boys down for naps by 1:30...(drumroll please)...and they BOTH napped til 4:15pm!!! It was beautiful. I got to call my mother on her birthday and everything!! Got all the laundry done and lunches made for preschool tomorrow. I woke them at 4:15 and we headed out to University Bicycles in Boulder to investigate a two-wheeler with training wheels for Ted (so Sam can take over the trike). We were successful (pics to come) so we headed over to Ted's pal Jack's house for a marathon bike riding session followed by a Mexican feast! We got home and they were all tucked in and quiet as mice by 9pm. I had forgotten that Ted takes snack to preschool tomorrow so I whipped up a batch of blueberry muffins and yes! poured myself a glass of wine. Whew!!! It was nice to chat with Paul briefly and know that he is doing well too! This morning Sam 'slept in' til 5:30 and Ted woke at 6:30. I am hoping all the activity today plus the naps will reset their clocks and help facilitate a slightly later arousal time...perhaps 6:30 for both? Pleeeeeeease? I'll keep you posted!

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