Sunday, February 5, 2006

gorgeous music

Saturday night I went to the JCC sponsored concert by the Tel Aviv Trio. You know, I've never been a big fan of strings, much less anything symphonic. I'm a changed woman! Perhaps it was their amazing musicality, passion and artistry. It was one of the most riveting concerts I've ever attended. It was also very interesting, as the violinist, Matan Givol, broke a string while tuning, and also needed to tune after every movement...his elder brother, the cellist, commented that while they have adjusted to the altitude, his instrument had not! Matan was not your typical violinist (his brother was much more dramatic in his flourishing playing) but he was soooo cute! Not cute as in handsome, although he was that too, but impish, mischievious...very 'little brother' to Ira. When he was restringing, he would hand it to his brother who would check it over, shake his head no, and hand it back for him to keep trying! Sometimes when tuning, Matan would grin apologetically at Ira for taking so long. It was really fun to see such a "conversation" going on in the music, constantly. The three were truly TALKING to each other through music, not just playing the notes. The pianist, Jonathan, was the one who mostly spoke to the kids at the kids' concert and he was quite the virtuoso. He is also very short so when he would play a particularily emphatic chord he would bounce right off the piano bench! I bought their CD and just love it! And I admit, I think it has sealed the deal for Sam-he gets the cello! There was something really special in their playing because they were brothers. Let's hope Mae has good piano hands!

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