Saturday, February 11, 2006

what day is this?

Well, I'm officially over it. After a late night at a potluck, Sam was up at 5:15. Ted followed shortly at 6:30. Luckily we had a nice morning Shabbat service to occupy our groggy selves. Ted wouldn't nap (and Sam had to cry himself to sleep after I stopped going in there time and time again) but at least he is sleeping now. I have a sitter tonight-thank GOODNESS! I am ready for a break. Paul is having a grand time! He went to the Museum of Art and yesterday to the Met to hear "Samson and Delilah!" I'm so jealous!
Some of you may know the kitty story. Jim, Nancy's husband, is a reporter for the NY Times, stationed in Iraq. On leave he brought home a young female cat and her daughter. Once home in NY, the mother cat had another litter of kittens! One of them has been returned to them and we are trying to find a home for him. Ozzie is described below: Here are two pictures of a great little guy. He is fearless! With boundless energy (he's a leaper, says Paul). He envisions himself as an alpha kitty, that's for sure. If you want more info, just call or post!

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Anonymous said...

We see only one pic of the kitty. Quite a beauty! Good luck, Nancy & Jim, in finding him a new home.

Jack & Tricia

Dad & Mom