Saturday, March 25, 2006

completed translations

So, when we received our information at referral, it was a summary of different points (growth stats, personality etc.) Today we received the complete translation of Huai Xiang's Growth and Development Report, as well as her Immunization Record. Much of this information is personal to Huai Xiang so I won't post it publicly, but I will post the sweet insights into her personality. She sounds like a very sweet little baby who is being taken care of by people who truly care about her. It's heartwarming.

Huai Xiang is gentle and quiet and she is afraid of strangers. She is very quiet and doesn't like to show herself off. She loves to eat the rice cereal made by our orphanage. Huai Xiang loves to have adults talk with her. Although she doesn't have much ability to express herself, she will listen to your talk carefully. She doesn't like to be cold and we are careful to keep her warm. Before she falls asleep, she will cry for a while. Huai Xiang's four limbs' development is normal and she can coordinate them. Now she can move around freely by sitting in the baby walker to enjoy things that she is interested in. Huai Xiang is a very active, healthy, and lovely little baby.

Isn't that sweet? That is dated December 15, 2005, so she was only 4.5 months old. I can hardly wait for an update which will hopefully have more pictures and another development report.

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Jen (McMom) said...

Hi Ellen, I saw your update on PH and just wanted to pass on my great joy on your getting travel dates! Even though it is a month away, the time will fly with all the last minute paperwork and preparations. Unsolicted travel advice from my recent trip - Beijing is colder than I expected, bring a jacket. It is impossible to find Cheerios in China, and kids universally love 'em so I wished I had put them on my packing list - oh and TP, it is very rare in the public toilets there. Also, I was very anxious about the flight home. But that was a peice of cake, Lily slept 10 of the 12 hours on the flight. What I should have prepared better for was the jet-lag once back. It takes a good week or so to get back on schedule, which is bad enough, but when you have kids who didn't make the trip and expect to be care for and all you want to do is take a nap - its was a little rough. I wish I had lined up a little help with meals, etc before I left.

What a beautiful note in her progress report. It is so clear she is dear to her caretakers. While I know the separation of not having your child with you is brutal, at least it can be of some comfort that she is being so thoughtfully, and sweetly cared for.

All the best! It will be a life-changing trip.