Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Trip to Hunan's Huaihua City

I found the following article here:

"In terms of area, Huaihua is the biggest city in Hunan Province. Here, Han Chinese live harmoniously with 31 ethnic groups, including the Dong, Miao, Yao and Tujia. According to historical records, the history of Huaihua dates back 300,000 years to the Paleolithic age.

Hibiscus Tower is at the confluence of the Yuanjiang and Wushui rivers in Qiancheng Town. This was where the famous Tang-dynasty (618-907) poet, Wang Changling, held banquets for his guests and farewell parties for his friends, and has, over the past dynasties, been the ideal setting for scholars to compose poems and artists to create masterpieces."

CHEN XIAOTIAN is a freelance writer.


Anonymous said...

Marvelous!! Is there any way to find out if Mae is of Han or Dong ancestry, or some of the other minority groups? Do you think the orphanage might be able to guess, based on typical features or anything like that?..... Mom

Anonymous said...

On second thought, Mae would probably be of Han ancestry, wouldn't she? The "One family, one child" rule doesn't apply to minority groups, does it? So she must be Han. ... Mom