Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finding Ad

Today we received Mae's finding ad, published in the Hunan Daily on September 6, 2005. It is the earliest picture we have of her...and it looks just like her! Besides details of her finding, the paper describes her this way: "She has an apple face, little hair, and was wrapped in a light blue cloth diaper." Brian Stuey of is the person who travels to China to locate the newspapers. He has 3 daughters from China himself. The finding ad is placed in the provincial newspaper of the child's hometown after being admitted to the orphanage. Mae's ad was placed one month after she was taken in by the Huaihua SWI. Three months later, she was getting her picture taken and going to the doctor so that she would be 'paper-ready' for adoption. We are so glad to have this sliver of information...another piece of her history. Thank you Brian!!

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Anonymous said...

What a dear little 'apple face' she is!! It's so wonderful to have this little bit of her, from her very eaarliest days. -- Mom