Wednesday, March 29, 2006

more fun with the Travel Dept.

Today everyone in our Travel Group received a brief phone call from Emily in the Travel Dept. at CCAI. She was checking up on us to see how we were doing with all of our paperwork and making sure we had emailed our itineraries to her. We will be receiving our FINAL TRAVEL PACKET next Tuesday. Besides the very exciting IN-CHINA DETAILS, it will also contain the time and phone number for our GROUP CONFERENCE CALL on Thursday, April 13. (I apologize for all the was either caps or exclamation points..which is more annoying?) The conference call is 30 minutes long or so, and my SIL will also call in to the 1-800 number that we will be given to be included. Finally, Emily requested that as soon as we receive our Beijing Tour information from JC Travel, to be sure to forward it on to CCAI so they can send it to the Hong Kong reps, who will then know where to contact us, if they need to. WOO HOO! I am so excited to be doing these last few steps that will get us ON THE PLANE to China. Bring it on!!

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Bee's Blog said...

I remember being told by CCAI that we could come to CCAI for the travel conference call and be in the same room with Josh and Lily. You should try to do it if the boys are in school at the same time. But, what a way to welcome Passover with a phone call about your journey to China. It is getting so exciting! Bring on the caps and the exclamation points!