Friday, March 17, 2006


I wish I had brought my video camera to violin group tonight. At the end, anyone who wants to play a solo comes to the front of the room, says their name and announces their piece (not like they have that much's more like choosing a rhythm.) Well, Ted got up there and mumbled something, then, with a flourish, set his violin up and played. At first, he was playing Rhythm 2 (officially Run Pony, Run Pony although he thinks he has created something new by calling it Run Lion, Run Lion) but then switched to Rhythm 4 (Peanut Butter Alligator) and ended with a furious accelerando! It was so funny! He was very proud of his 'composition.' This is a bit frowned upon in the Suzuki method, but I loved it!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! to the soloist! Nothing like a bit of courage and invention! Any chance he can bring the violin when you come this July?....Mom

Trixie said...

I second that comment! Way to show creativity and spark.