Thursday, March 16, 2006

sick again

Doesn't really seem fair, somehow. Last Thursday, I was just starting to feel the ache in my all went downhill from there...a minor cold but still an inconvienence. Well, lo and behold, last night my throat started up and I woke up this morning totally congested and stuffed up. Blah! The boys were complete angels today and I was able to get a little rest in during their rest times. Paul totally took over at 5:30pm and I took a hot bath and lay down for a while. I should go to bed, but it's so peaceful when the kids are sleeping...Sam has had eye goop for a few days now (he's got eyedrops 4x/day-THAT is fun) and Ted just started really coughing again today. Geesh. I'm ready for Spring.

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Bee's Blog said...

Something must be going around. Last Thursday Julio felt bad with a sore throat and after two days gone. Yesterday he came home from work sore throat and now with a chest tightness and congestion. Feel better sweetie. Its better to get sick now rather than in China.