Thursday, March 9, 2006

Jumping back on the rumor train

This was posted on my Travel Group's Yahoo! Group today:

So, keeping rumors alive and checking out some of the other boards, I
saw this re: 5/23 LID and traveling soon- hmmm.....

"WOW! I just got off the phone with our miracle worker, Mandalyn at
our agency, and she tells me that she is just waiting for the final
confirmation from CCAA on our TA's. It looks like we will most likely
be leaving on 3/29 to Beijing, and we have to be in Changsha on 4/2,
with our consulate appointment 4/10.
LID 5/23/05
DOR 2/28/06"

Sounds too good to be true...I don't expect us to travel til sometime in May. But I would LOVE to be wrong. Being wrong is great-I was wrong about how quickly referrals would arrive in the US.

Until we know more...only 9 more Thursdays without Mae...


Trixie said...

And counting!

I love all the excitement with the race to the finish line! So much to do and emotions all running high and then you come back and SPLAT! No more energy - just lots of nesting and rocking and holding and loving! (and hopefully sleeping!)

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Ellen - just wanted to congratulate you on beautiful Mae! She is so cute and I really look forward to meeting both of you (and Paul and the boys) during your visit this summer. I know the wait for TA is agonizing, but (and I say this from recent experience, of course!) you really will find yourself in China before you know it....

All the best,
Leslie Kullman