Wednesday, March 8, 2006

blogging from China

I am a particular person. I like things a particular way and prefer to do them myself. Poor Paul. While in China, Blogger oftentimes will simply not work...nothing gets uploaded. Some people guess that there are firewalls in the hotels blocking all international sites-who knows. Paul has offered to update our moeltini homepage but I really like the journal-aspect of Blogger. Even if I only have one or two pictures to share, describing everything helps put it all in perspective. So, I signed up for a free 4-month subscription to Journey to Me. This simple site, for whatever reason, works in China. So, for the duration of our in-China trip, I will blog from there. I hope to then copy all of that over to Blogger once we are home and settled. I created a Referral Page just to get things moving. The next entry will probably be when we get Travel Approval, and then the updates from China will appear. So, if you come to this site and there hasn't been an update in a while, visit Journey to Me. The username and password are the same:maemoeller. Just enter those in the Sign In boxes on the left to view her page. Hooray!

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Bee's Blog said...

Ellen, I am so happy you are using journey to me. Bren is a friend of mine and she is so great. I hope you enjoy their services. I have them as well for when we are in China.