Wednesday, March 8, 2006

'the kids' picture

We took Ted's official 4-year Portraits yesterday and I always like to get a pic of 'the kids' together too. Since they are 18 months apart, this means a group shot every 6 months- it's really fun to see the development. Well, on my receipt this session, there was a number to call to do a brief survey of our experience. If you do it, you get a free 11x14 at your next sitting. I called to do it and thought WOW!! My next sitting will probably be in late get Mae's 1 Year Portrait done! I can use that free 11x14 for a group shot of ALL MY CHILDREN. It was a really exciting thought! Someone on my board posted the other day: "Only 9 more Mondays without Emma." That is a nice way to think of our 10-week wait to travel. Only 9 more Wednesdays without Mae. Hooray!!

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Trixie said...

Aren't you just tickled pink? I can see you happy dancing at the portrait studio...although some people might have thought you need to visit the ladies! Enjoy these last few moments of private time with the boys. Give them lots of love!