Thursday, March 23, 2006

my projected itinerary

We won't get an official "Sample Itinerary" until March 28, but based on other samples we've gotten from CCAI, here is my best guess. It puts "Mae Day" on May 8. The dates in italics are an optional 3-night, 2 day Beijing Tour that our Travel Group may choose to do.

May 1 -Depart Denver for San Fran, to Beijing
May 2 -Arrive Beijing
May 3 -Great Wall & Ming Tomb Tours
May 4 -Tian-An-Men square, Forbidden City & Summer Palace Tours
May 5 -1/2 day rickshaw tour; Depart for/Arrive Hong Kong
May 6 -Hong Kong Tour
May 7 -to Changsa, Hunan Province
May 8 -Mae Day!
May 9 -Civil Affairs Appt
May 10 -free day
May 11 -1/2 day tour
May 12 -1/2 day tour
May 13 -to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
May 14 -free day
May 15 -Mae's physical and passport photo
May 16 -Consulate Appointment
May 17 -Depart for HOME

DHL just dropped off my package from JC Travel-my Chinese Visa is nicely glued into my passport! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

SO HAPPY to know your visa is all set and in that passport!!
... I hope you will get to go to Beijing, but I know getting MAE is what counts!! ... Hooray!

... Mom

Bee's Blog said...

How wonderful that Mae Day is right before Mother's Day. What a wonderful gift! I cannot wait to read about your travels. Not too long now.