Thursday, March 23, 2006

CA: 5/16


Great news! Today we received Consulate appointment confirmations for G950!

Your group’s Consulate appointment is confirmed for: 5/16/2006.

Based on this Consulate appointment date, CCAI requires that you arrive in Hong Kong on, or before, 5/5/2006. CCAI will provide an airport pick-up for anyone arriving in Hong Kong on 5/5. You can depart Hong Kong after 11:30am on 5/18/2006 (or depart directly from Guangzhou to the U.S. after 9:00pm on 5/17/2006).

Ellen here. Well, there it is. I can't say I'm not terribly disappointed. This puts us at a 9 week wait from Referral to Travel. Some groups leave as early as next Tuesday. I will also miss all of Ted's violin recitals which is a real bummer. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, waiting a few more weeks won't really matter. It just really smarts right now. At least we KNOW now. That has been the hardest part. Now we know...and now we wait...again.


Anonymous said...

Ellen, I know how disappointed you must be. We had to wait 8 weeeks after referral to travel and that was after the CCAA had a 6 week gap between sending referrals. It seemed like forever!

The good news is that you will be there almost exactly when we were and the weather was really nice, although GZ was already pretty steamy (but this is good for swimming) --

Try and take some deep breaths and enjoy the time you have being a mom of only 2, because believe me, it's gonna be crazy when you get home!!


Shoshi's mom

Leslie said...

Ellen - I'm sorry about the longer wait until you can travel and meet Mae...and you're SO right - it's disappointing, but finally knowing WHEN you're going is such a relief! Hang in there - the time really will fly by...sometimes I thought we'd never get to Phoebe, and here we are - home - with her chasing the boys around the house!

Leslie Kullman

Anonymous said...

Hang in there my friend. As the others say, now you know! Also re-read the comments on "torture" they had good points too! I am sending you a BIG mental hug. We will be on our way to Mae very soon. Start stocking up for her arrival and don't forget to stock up on travel packs of charmin tissue!!
xxoo your s-i-l, Susan