Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The CCAA & the consulate must enjoy torturing us. Yesterday 2 groups got their CA, for 4-14. Today 3 more groups did, for 5-4. Still no word on ours, which probably means we will be one of the last groups out, leaving in early May. This isn't too bad, except that 2 groups are leaving NEXT WEEK. As happy as I am for them, I am green with envy that they will see their babies a whole month earlier than I will...just...because! Argh. Oh well. I shouldn't least our group got our TN...there are still 2 groups that haven't get received that. What is the CCAA doing...why not just match everyone up with TNs at once and be done with it?! Geesh.


Anonymous said...

S hard to wait when you are this close! But it will be really soon, just wait and see!


Trixie said...

The mystery of government, honey. *shake of head*

While they will get to see their children a whole month earlier, they will be returning to total chaos. Think about it. With only a week to plan, most won't have any fozen dinners packed away. Most won't have done a thorough cleaning of their homes. I just read a couple of these blogs and I gather that baby shower thank you cards will be very very late. Some gifts might not even be unpacked and washed. So while they get their babies, they also get tons of housework with jet lag.

Make this time count and get all of this done so that you can get home and just BE with BABY.

(feel better yet?)

Bee's Blog said...

I think CCAA does like to torture us. Hang in there. You will see Mae soon and hold her and hug her and kiss her forever.