Sunday, March 12, 2006

papers, papers, papers

Because I am itching for something 'to do' while we wait, I thought I would see what paperwork we will need to complete to formally make Mae a US citizen (because Paul is not traveling with me, she will only receive a green card when we land in San Fran.) Lots more paperwork! Oh well.

A hearing is not required in Boulder County in order to validate your Chinese adoption. To validate the adoption please hand deliver or mail the following forms and documents to the clerk of the Boulder County District Court-Probate Division, to be filed. The Judge or Magistrate will then review the information, sign your decree validating foreign adoption and mail you the signed decree. Once the adoption is validated, the clerk will forward the report of adoption and a decree validating foreign adoption to Vital Records, along with your check of $35 to generate a state birth certificate.

Boulder County District Court-Probate Division
1777 6th St.
Boulder, CO 80306
Monday – Friday: 8am-5pm

Below is a checklist of paperwork that you should bring to your county clerk to be filed. Please notarize documents needing to be notarized before you submit them.

___1) Report of Adoption ($35 to Vital Records for CO Birth Certificate) Click here for sample
___2) Petition for Validation of Foreign Decree of Adoption- JDF 527 (completed and notarized) Click here for sample
___3) Verified Statement of Fees- JDF 454 (completed and notarized) Click here for sample
___4) Decree Validating Foreign Adoption- JDF 524 (completed) Click here for sample
___5) Letter from Adoption Alliance (generated after we receive copies of your Child Arrival Files)
___6) Proof of Child’s legal entry into the U.S. (Original Chinese Passport w/ Visa)
___7) Filing Fee $139.00
___8) Original Child Arrival Files, plus one set of photocopies (paperwork you received in China)
___9) Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable, plus one photocopy)
___10) Certified copy of Parents' Birth Certificates to prove U.S. Citizenship (plus one photocopy)
___11) Consent to Hearing form (If you would like to request a formal hearing, the process will take 6-8 weeks; if you do not, the process will take about 1 week)
___12) Large self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of original documents

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking everywhere for this information. If you try to do this yourself, it seems so complicated, particularly in Colorado. Thank you for posting it.