Sunday, March 12, 2006

COO packing list

I plan to travel Carry On Only for the flight over and purchase a suitcase while in China for all the things I will buy while there. Many people think this is crazy. It may be, but since Paul isn't going to be around to lift and carry for me, I think I need to be able to handle everything easily by myself. Plus, why bring BabyGap to China? There's plenty of time for that in our future.

2-3 outfits for me
2 outfits for Mae
2 jammies for Mae
our medicines/prescriptions
toothpaste/toothbrush for me
facial soap for me
Lubriderm lotion for me/Mae
gifts for nannies etc
laptop (in its own backpack that will double as diaper bag)
camera/video (this is small)
duplicate toys from our care package
dossier & other paperwork

I plan to purchase more clothing for Mae, diapers, wipes, formula,
bottles, & anything else that comes up as essential while there. I
think I feel so 'mellow' about it because I know I will be traveling
with someone who is removed from the situation, unlike a spouse would be. I plan
to function as the single parent with my SIL as my sherpa!
(yes, she is aware!) I plan to do laundry while there every 2-3 days
and buy 2-3 outfits (if not more for Mae!) while there.


Ruth in Alaska said...

You go girl! I'm hoping to go COO about a month after you do, so I can't wait to see how it works out for you!

Anonymous said...


I would definitely take at least one more outfit for yourself if your itinerary is like ours. We landed Friday night did not have the chance to do laundry until we were in our province on Monday morning (we landed Sunday, but then got Shoshi). Also, you should find out if you are definitely going to be able to get diapers before you get Mae. Otherwise, I'd bring a few with. Just a friendly suggestion.


Trixie said...

You go girl! I will be waiting heat the results.

Anne said...

GREAT plan. You're so right...why take umpteen Baby gap outfits! Almost every blog I've read says don't bring so much you can buy it all here!