Monday, March 13, 2006

weight restrictions

A family on my Yahoo! board leaves for China in 4 days! She gave us some important information about our luggage weight restrictions. I'm worried about in-China flights. I guess I just check my rolling one?

Although your flight from the U.S. allows you
each 2 bags with a maximum 70 lbs each, any in china flights will
probably be on china southern you are allowed 1 bag each, your child
is allowed NO bags, and the pound limitation is 40lbs.


Anonymous said...

I read this too! Did you check out the rolling carry-on/day pack combo at I'm thinking that will get me there and purchase another cheapy case in China.
Susan (SIL)

Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder if China Southern is flying prop aircraft. In the olden days before jets, the weight restrictions used to be 40 lbs. for domestic flights and 60 lbs. for international. Maybe that's the reason....? ......Mom