Tuesday, April 4, 2006

CCAI Itinerary

Ah...the long-awaited "Final Travel Packet." What fun. Our travel conference call is next Tuesday afternoon. And we have our itinerary...very spiffy hotels!

5/5 Arrive in Hong Kong. Meet Joann. Go to Shangri-La Kowloon Hotel. Free time.
5/6 Pre-paid tour of Hong Kong.
5/7 Leave Hong Kong for Changsha on China Southern CZ3038 (19:15-20:25). Meet Daphne & Ellen. Go to the Dolton Hotel.
5/8 Meeting for all families in hotel conference room at 7:30am to fill out adoption forms. Leave for Registration Office at 9:30 to receive your child.
5/9 Depart at 8am to complete Adoption Registration and Notorization paperwork at the Registration Office. Rest in the afternoon.
5/10 Optional shopping trip to local department store in the morning. Rest in the afternoon. Waiting for child's paperwork to be completed.
5/11 Optional half-day city tour of Martyr's Park in the morning. Receive child's paperwork in the afternoon.
5/12 Optional half-day tour to the Embroidery Factory in the morning. Receive registration certificates and child's passport in the afternoon.
5/13 Leave Changsha for Guangzhou on China Southern CZ3379 (14:20-15:20). Meet Kathy. Go to the White Swan Hotel.
5/14 Free time. Rest, shop, tour.
5/15 Child's visa physical exam and visa photo today. Group Meeting to prepare paperwork for Consulate Appointment.
5/16 Consulate Appointment today.
5/17 Go to U.S. Consulate to take the oath in the afternoon. Receive child's visa packet at the conclusion of the oath ceremony. Leave Guangzhou directly for the US on China Southern 327 (21:00-18:00-love how we arrive home before we left!)

Phew! So there it is. In writing! We are really going. What a wonderful week-updates, Beijing tour info, and final itinerary. Now, any tips on surviving the next 25 days?


Bee's Blog said...

E, I did not see when you will be in Beijing. I have no idea on any tips to make the time go by, but you do have Passover in between.

Ellen said...

Beijing info is under the Update post!

Anonymous said...

My Memo says the conference call is Thursday 4/13 @2pm MT. Susan