Saturday, May 13, 2006

at the White Swan at last

We made it!! We are at the White Swan. Whew!! I am so relaxed that I now feel all the tension in my shoulders and neck. Susan and I hope to get a few $6USD massages in while we’re here! We left Changsha at 2pm. We tried Benedry on Mae and she passed out right away, but only for about 1.5hrs. However, she and all the babies were truly stellar on the plane. No one really fussed at all. Mae played for a while and slept for a while. We were met by Kathy and Bruce and settled into our adjoining rooms (connected by a door! Woo hoo!) in the White Swan. The rooms are not large, but have nice features such as dimming lights and a fancy bathroom. It is very nice…although non baby tub so I got in with Mae tonight, after a grilled cheese and carrot soup at Lucy’s. She didn’t mind at all and my only problem was keeping her from putting her face in the water to blow bubbles! She is a true water baby-my summer will be tougher than I thought with 3 kiddos at the pool. Good things both boys love to swim and are safe in the water. While checking in here, I saw Joanne from CO and some others we had been with in Hong Kong. It’s nice to recognize people here. It’s funny because just about everyone I’ve seen has a Chinese baby in tow. Weird sense of normality. Well, we are pooped and are going to chill and get some sleep. Tomorrow we will tour the city and have dinner at the Thai Restaurant-the Cow and Sheep (yikes!) Whew! This is the easy part now.

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