Friday, May 5, 2006

Day 4 - Hope Foster Care

May 5, evening
We are in Hong Kong! The Shangri-La is VERY posh…now I understand what a 5star hotel is all about. There is even a remote to open the window coverings. And the music pumps into the bathroom (which has a bidet). We arrived around 9pm and are really tired, but I had to order the cheese platter (since I had no dinner) and Susan is relaxing in the tub. This is the life! We spent the morning at Hope Foster Care playing with the kids, after a tour from Robin, the director/founder. It is a wonderful place…2 children to every nanny…that’s more attention than my 3 will get! The children were obviously well cared for and were really funny and happy. Joanie was able to get in some quality time with Josie, the baby she sponsored. ‘My’ baby had already been sent back to her orphanage to be adopted, we think. Tomorrow we have a big tour of all the sights of Hong Kong. There are 2 busses full of CCAI families, so our group is combined with some others who will then fly to different provinces. Should be a fun day! I am so glad we are already adjusted to the time zone, and my little digestive issue seems to be resolved. Whenever I eat, I feel nauseous, so that is a bummer, since I love food. I’m trying to eat lightly and simply. More tomorrow!

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