Sunday, May 7, 2006

Day 5 - Hong Kong

May 6, evening on plane
It is 7:35pm and we are in the air. The ripples of excitement are crazy!!! For the very first time on this entire trip, I am not hungry…too many ripples, I guess. The first-timers don’t realize it, but in our rooms in the hotel tonight, there will be a crib. It will be a rough morning…we are to meet at 7:30am to fill out paperwork. Susan and I have been staying up late, doing email and the webpage, taking baths and generally yakking. Tomorrow will come quickly. Especially since we’ve had the luxury of sleeping in til 8:30 in Hong Kong. That’s OK….I’ll sleep in 17 years, right?

Later, at the hotel
We have arrived. The flight was only an hour and between taking off, eating, filling out immigration forms and landing, it was a fast hour. Daphne and Ellen met us at the airport and we took an information-overload 40minute busride to the Dolton Hotel in Changsha. Nice, but there is a difference between Hong Kong 5 star and mainland China 5star. Still, it is sweet. There is a crib in the room and a baby bathtub. The big tub and toilet seat cover have Winnie the Pooh stickers on them. CCAI put a case of bottled water in our room (only $4 USD!) and a box of formula and a box of rice cereal. Tomorrow at our 7:20am meeting we will fill out forms and learn how to make a Chinese bottle. We received updated information too. Mae is friends with Sophia, the only girl in our group with a ton of hair. How cute!! It says she still gets up at 1am for a diaper change but will go back to sleep. Tomorrow night should be interesting, to say the least. None of us with a Mac can manage to get online tonight, thus the delay in posting. Hopefully we will be able to post early in the morning. Otherwise, no one will care about this post anyway! I can’t believe this day is finally here.

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