Tuesday, May 30, 2006

getting into the groove

Today was a good day. We had the JCC Picnic today at preschool (tomorrow is the official last day.) Ted played happily the whole time with his little friends. Sam had a so-so good time, considerable whining that I wouldn't come over to play with him. Mae did great except for the 2 times I walked away to help Sam, when she freaked out. It was rewarding and sad at the same time...when I came back she just buried her little face in my shoulder and sobbed. I hope it won't take her too long to believe that "Mama always comes back." All in all, wrangling all 3 wasn't too hard and I got out tonight with Ole for a wonderful hike around 8pm. I may have to do that more often-so cool and peaceful. Tomorrow is a big day! Last day of school (sob!) for the boys, a meeting with the rabbi to discuss Mae's naming ceremony on the 16th, and her first visit to the doctor. Paul has a soccer game tomorrow night so it will be my first time putting all 3 to bed. Should be interesting!

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