Sunday, May 28, 2006

heaven on earth

Today we all went to Brendan's 4th birthday party. Brendan is in our chavurah and he and Ted play very well together. This party was a little boy's idea of heaven. There were 4 stations set up: a little wading pool filled with flour, a huge mud area with trucks, a crazy sprinkler, and finger paints. Ted played with Hannah and Brendan in the beginning, but for the serious mud-slinging and flour dumping, he paired up with Jaron from preschool. Jaron (and his twin brother Seth) are a year ahead, in Hannah's class, but the two boys got along great and were by far the two who enjoyed the party the most. After all of that fun, they broke a rocket-ship pinata full of candy, had cupcakes and popsicles, and got their goody bags. Can you say "perfect day" for a little boy? Happy Birthday Brendan!


Anonymous said...

How marvelous! Ted looks like he has enjoyed a 'perfect' day. Think where he will lead his little brother & sister! Yay, Ted! Love, Aunt Jayne

Amy said...

What a great idea! I have two boys and your party ideas sounds great! Amy

Anonymous said...

Rock ON Ted!! You look awesome!
Ayi Su Su