Monday, May 15, 2006

Physicals & Paperwork

Today was a slightly frustrating day. It started out well-Mae woke for a bottle at 5am but was back down by 5:30 and slept in til 8! We had breakfast and met the group at 10:30 to walk to the hospital for the physicals. Those were quick and painless; Mae is officially the biggest baby at 21.4 pounds. Then we shopped a bit and Mae napped a bit in her stroller. After a bottle and some playtime, she was ready for a nap again and slept right through the Visa paperwork meeting at 4:30. That was a drag-tons of paperwork, lots of which was different for me with POA. Then, of all annoyances, on ONE of the documents they wanted her Chinese name with the first name FIRST for a change…Xiang Huai. That threw me and I used white-out, and have to be at Bruce’s door at 8:30am to go to the consulate to re-do that page. Luckily another family has a mistake too and I’m not the only idiot. I’m so mad at myself. Oh well. After the paperwork we played for a little bit in the playroom…no walkers but lots of other fun stuff. She liked the activity tables a lot…Paul, is ours still around or did we toss it? Then we did some more shopping and met our group at the Cow & Bridge Thai Restaurant. Great food but lousy service and Mae barely held on long enough for her steamed egg and congee to arrive. We made it through though and met a family from, of all places, Dubuque, IA. She works in the German seminary in town. How funny! Their last name is Yarnell. Mae was melting down by the end of the dinner, so we scurried home and got her bathed (and was starting to smell a little…) and in bed by 8. Whew! I plan to go to bed early and try to cheer up by tomorrow!! Tomorrow we wait around for the Visa paperwork to go through – our official Consulate Appointment (funny how we don’t actually go to our own appointment…). Tomorrow night are the Red Couch Photos, we take the oath on Wednesday after the zoo, and (if the monsoon doesn’t hit before Wednesday night) fly to LA. Cross your toes-I really really really am ready to come home!!!

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