Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Red Couch Photo Day

Today was really hard for me. I was an emotional wreck and grumpy to boot. Poor Susan. I started the day with a visit to the Embassy to re-do the Vaccination Certificate. That took over 2 hours, but luckily Mae’s morning nap took that entire time. Then we went out to finish up our shopping and have lunch. We ate at a place near the hotel but very ‘real food’ and Paul would have loved my dish-oyster soup. Then Mae took another awesome nap while I melted down with 2 other families…that felt good. Colleen Barber and I are on the same page with the ‘what the heck have I done’ feeling, and she has 3 boys at home that she is missing too. Her husband is with her and Mae adores Bob…Paul, maybe you should have kept your goatee anyway…she loves Bob’s. We had the Red Couch photos and dinner at Lucy’s. Tonight we packed and have our departure forms to write up. Tomorrow is a Zoo trip, but it’s getting reeeeeally windy, so I may skip it. We take the Oath at 4pm at the Consulate tomorrow and leave directly for the airport with the Thomas’ and the Newman/Allen’s. So, this is my last post until we return. It may take me a few days to post, so if that happens, don’t worry! This has been a fabulous trip, but about 2 days too long. Wish us luck that the boys transition well, and that Mae and I recover quickly from the inevitable jetlag. Thanks for following our trip…your comments have really helped me through. And thanks a gajillion to Susan…I couldn’t have done it without you!!

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