Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things are calming down...sort of

Sleep is definately improving! Mae went down last night (and again tonight) at 8pm and slept til 5:30am. She had some breakfast and was down again by 6am, then slept til 8:30. 5:30 was her wake-up time in China, so I think she is becoming adjusted to the time change-hooray! She is becoming more and more giggly (especially when tickled) and loves watching her brothers. Ted is such a clown and she laps it up. Sam is great at saying "It's OK, Mae." when she cries. Both boys are still having some adjustment issues, but all in all, they are doing quite well with HER, which is really the point. Tomorrow we are planning to drive down to Denver and meet up with 3 other families from our TG. It will be nice to see them again...hope the boys can stay entertained. I've uploaded the BabyJellyBeans journal entries and will work on getting the photos linked soon. It will be a nice keepsake. We still need to edit the video and return the camera to our friends who lent it to us. It will be nice to have 'the trip' officially documented, so we can turn our attention the re-adoption and post-placement paperwork. Fellow CCAI friends with a 6/3 LID are leaving soon and the next batch of referrals is on the way. Exciting times for everyone. Last night I stayed up til 9:15pm! Tonight I am aiming for 9:30. Off to clean the kitchen.

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