Thursday, June 8, 2006

1 month anniversary

Today is June 8, our 1 month anniversary of Mae Day. One month...seems like so much longer. A month ago today, Mae couldn't (or wouldn't?) sit unassisted. She couldn't eat any solid food (except noodles) because her tongue kept pushing it out of her mouth. She also kept her hands at her side and opened her mouth to be fed. One month later, she feeds herself, sits alone just fine, signs "more," "all done" and "bath" and is doing the pre-crawling twist move. Yikes! She is one smart cookie. We are all having a good time enjoying her antics. I think because she is my last baby, I am having more fun with all of this. The first time it was too stressful and the 2nd time I was too tired. This time it is hysterical. Nothing like your baby twisting around, putting her hands down in front of her and then falling on her head. And her giggle is irresistable. Ted is her personal Court Jester and Sam her personal servant (he is a great bottle holder, burper, and bringer-of-toys.) She thinks Paul is great and Ole even greater. She still prefers me, but no longer cries when I'm not right in the room with her. For a month, she has changed so much. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.
We had a playdate today with Zoe and Angelina and the changes in them were also amazing. Just the changes in them in one week are remarkable. Zoe is going to crawl any day now and Angelina's little cheeks are getting chubby. She is very intense and devotes all of her attention to the toy in her hands. Zoe and Mae HAVE to have played together...they instantly start taking toys from each other and getting mad at the other one - too funny. Those two have very similar features - in the pic, Mae is the one in pink (of course!).

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