Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I missed Ted today-he was at Sports Camp til noon and then went to a friend's house afterwards. Paul picked him up at 5:30pm and they got home around 6ish. It was a remarkably easy day though. I'm sure if I had 4 children I'd think 3 was easy, so I'm not knocking the # of kids a person has or anything holier-than-thou like that. It was so relaxing though. Sam and I hung out in the am (really he played by himself most of the time) and then we all went to the pool. Home for naps for both of them and then a quiet afternoon of playing and a quick Baby Einstein for Miss Fussy...I mean Toothy. I got 3 loads of laundry done and put away, dinner made, lunches ready for was very productive. Bedtime was rough but not impossible. Hopefully they won't try and go downstairs to play AGAIN tomorrow morning (3am morning, btw, not 6am morning...) Our last piece of paper arrived today from CCAI so tomorrow I will take all the paperwork into the Boulder County Clerk to have Mae re-adopted in the U.S. (she is a permanent alien right now since Paul didn't travel to China.) It feels SO GOOD to have all of that finished!!

Last Friday one of our babysitters gave me some free hours as a gift (wonderful!!) and she took this great picture of Sam. He is such a cutie.

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