Saturday, June 24, 2006

busy but fun

Where has the time gone? When I go a night (or 2 or 3) without blogging, you know our lives have gotten a little too hectic for me to handle. There is also the 2-boys-in-one-room issue. I'm happy to report that we have had an easier time this go-around. They don't wake up in the middle of the night and play anymore and they are usually asleep within 15 minutes of putting them down. There is a catch though. I'm not particularily thrilled with it, but it's working for now. One of us sits in there til the first one falls asleep. Usually it is Ted and Sam is great about being quiet (not quite sure what he does in there) and not waking him up. We have never 'helped' our children go to sleep before is the quickest way right now. In reviewing the drama we experienced last time, this time is going quite well. Sam wakes up at 6am on the dot, or earlier, and miraculously comes out of the room and closes the door (!!) and comes to get me. I pop in a Baby Einstein or Blues Clues, fix his milk and cereal, and get another 45 minutes of zzz's in. It's not ideal, but it's not bad. I love love love having Mae in her own room. Hopefully this will continue to get easier and we will be able to extricate ourselves from this ritual. Everyone is much happier this time around though, so ...I'm glad we're doing it this way for now.

In other news, Thursday Ted refused to stay at sports camp so I didn't get to the court or to get the van serviced. Oh well. Friday was a short but fun swim day and tonight we had a joint potluck with the other 'young children' chavurah. It was lots of fun. Ted had Jed's bday party today at a jumpy place and I can't believe he made it so long without crashing. He was even in a good mood! Good stuff. Our social worker had her first post-placement visit with us this morning at 8am and that was painless as well. I can't believe we've been home 6 weeks already. It feels like it's always been this way. Tomorrow Tara is throwing Mae a party for our playgroup so that will be fun. Hopefully I'll have some pics tomorrow.

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