Friday, June 16, 2006

face-planting (and standing too)

Wow, it's Friday already! Tonight there was a family service at temple that was a bit too long but fun, with a picnic afterwards. Ted had a blast because he finally got to play with Jaren again. Sam skinned his knee which pretty much ruined his evening. Mae was her happy self, as usual. It was a very cool day today so she got to wear my favorite dress...with pink tights! I was in heaven.
Mae's new thing is standing. She can pull herself into a standing position if she's holding our fingers, and once up, will let go with one hand and just grip with one. She LOVES that and insists on it most of the time. The other thing, which will lead to crawling soon, is face-planting. This infuriates her, but she does it constantly. She'll be sitting, see something she wants, twist into a crawling position and then fall on her face. So frustrating!! Babies have such hard lives! She is just blossoming every is so fun to watch her interact with the boys. They are all having a nice time together. Life gets calmer every day.
Tomorrow is the CCAI Reunion Picnic from 10-2. Should be a fun day.

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Anonymous said...

What a darling loittle dress! Will we get to see a pic of Mae wearing it? Also, we are hoping for pics of the CCAI Reunion on Saturday. Best of luck to Sam with his skinned knee! .. Mom